After hitting a ton of brick walls while researching my paternal great grandfather, I decided to seek out someone who could help me. I was thrilled to have found Jill at Girl Friday Genealogy. She was able to uncover a world of information about him that my family had not previously known. She provided me with a fantastic narrative of his life as well as many supporting historical documents. If this was all she had delivered, I would have been completely satisfied. But, she went well beyond! Jill also gave me suggestions on how to continue my research should I want to look deeper into what she had discovered. I will definitely be using Girl Friday Genealogy again.

Tracy L.

Los Angeles, CA

Jill is an amazing researcher!  She can find needles in haystacks better than anyone I know.  Genealogy research requires incredible patience and persistence, which Jill has in spades.  She will help you dig into your family tree and avoid common pitfalls around false leads.  Jill has something extra in her toolbox that not every other genealogist has -- she is an accredited librarian with multiple years of service as a professional researcher.  Jill understands how to navigate complex information systems and information repositories that are often more difficult or restricted to the average researcher. As a fellow librarian who has been curious about the other half of my family tree, Jill was able to find and confirm accurate information about my ancestors that was thrilling to see as a client, but also greatly appreciated as a fellow information professional.  Thank you, Jill!

Mary W.

Austin, TX

As a professional researcher myself, I’m pretty skilled at finding things. But I also know when it is wiser to ask someone with a specific skill set that is better than your own. What would have been for me a frustrating and uncertain slog became simply a joyful click on Jill’s email to discover a wealth of information I would have likely missed. Detailed and thorough, she speedily traced my family back five generations to answer my question regarding a specific possible relative. Along with the scans of official records she included in my report, I especially enjoyed the articles from local newspapers she found, with unexpected details on my great-great-great-grandfather’s life. I definitely look forward to seeing what other treasures Girl Friday can find.

Anne W.

Los Angeles, CA

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