Baby Steps

Thinking about getting your feet wet with family research?

Yay you!

Here are five easy steps to help you get started:

1. You’re Number 1! You’re Number 1!

Start with yourself on an ancestral chart and work backwards to your parents, their parents, and so on.

2. Gab Session with Grandma

Talk to your relatives for more information and compare notes.

3. The Gathering Storm

Collect and copy/scan vital paper documents (birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, etc.) from your family members to prove the information on your growing tree.

4. Untangle the Web

Organize your information online with sites such as (free) and (paid) that allow you to build a family tree and connect with other family researchers.

5. He Did What Now?

Concentrate on researching one family member (preferably living) who you’re curious about rather than focus on how far back you can take your line.

It’s common to want to immediately jump online and start surname searches in databases, but do not underestimate the value of your relative’s knowledge. Their stories will be the base and drive of your research.

Happy Hunting!

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