Based in Southern California, Girl Friday Genealogy offers traditional research services including:


Genealogical Research
Historical Research

Handwriting Transcription
Family Tree Charts & Reports
Lineage Societies Applications

Research Advice & Consultation



What to expect:


First, we’ll have an initial conversation about what you already know about your family history, review any previous documentation and develop a research plan with achievable goals.


Next, I'll identify and locate records to support the information that you already have, and start to build upon the research from there.


Along the way, you'll receive frequent updates to ensure that I am focusing on finding out exactly what you want to know.

At project’s end, I’ll provide you with a detailed research summary that includes supporting documents and charts.

What it costs:


The initial fee to start your Genealogy Research file is $75.00.


This is a flat fee for 3 hours of time where I organize the data that you provided, conduct preliminary research to confirm your information, and work toward your requested research goal(s). 



The subsequent hourly rate is $30.00. The number of hours required to complete a research request or project depends on what you'd like to know about your family, and how accessible the resources are. 


For example, documenting an ancestor who was born after 1850 generally requires about 3 to 5 hours of research. Basically, the farther back in time we go, more time is needed for research.